Handmade 2nd Amendment Barrel Bolt Action 30 Caliber Pen


We have blended an antique image of the 2nd Amendment printed on a label the cast it with acrylic resin, then paired it with a  Full Size-Bolt Action pen mechanism with Gold Plating.

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We have blended the text of the 2nd Amendment with an image of a Continental Solder
printed on a label the cast it with acrylic resin, then paired it with a  fullsize-Bolt Action pen
mechanism with Gold Plating.

The Bolt Action pen is one of the most popular pens today . The pen features a classic sliding bolt action
to extend and retract the writing tip. The pen also features a hunting rifle with
scope as the pen clip.

This pen has been hand turned by me on a lathe, then polished to a high luster.

It takes standard “Parker” style refills available at any office supply store! The ink in the pen is black.

A pen of this quality will please any pen collector, executive, hunter or outdoor enthusiast

A handmade pen makes a perfect birthday, Christmas or graduation gift. Handcrafted pens also make great wedding party gifts for your best man, bridesmaids, ushers, etc.

Note: The bullet and casing parts of this pen are replicas and not real ammunition
Pen Info

– Each pen is created by me on a lathe
– Overall Pen Length is Approximately 5 1/2″ and weighs under 2 oz.
– Each pen blank was selected, designed and created by me
– Pictures are identical to the pen you will actually be receiving
– These pens are one of a kind writing instruments with the highest quality hardware
– Money back (If you don’t like the pen send it back for a full refund)

Additional information

Weight 1.7 oz
Dimensions 6 × 1 × 1 in



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